Welcome to Ueno Ameyoko Rhythm!

We build New English Ameyoko Rhythm website.Now Contents is a little ,Sorry.


What's this Shop?

 This shop is "Enka" Shop in Ueno Ameyoko(One of the biggest shopping street in Tokyo) since 1960.Our dream is to tell "Enka is great and fascinating song" from Japan.


What is Enka?

 "Enka" is Japanese 70's popular song.Enka is the only Japanese Culture.But Enka become unpopular now.Japanese young man says "Enka is old, uncool, unstylish."


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What do this shop sell?

 We sell so many Enka CDs and DVDs!


If you interested in and want to know Enka, Please tell us!

Please send me E-mail(↓). I'll  guide you about Enka.





Address & Phone Number


4-12, 6-chome Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo



E-mail Address



Shop manager

Kazuhiko Kobayashi


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